Рынок покинул немецкий авиаперевозчик Germania

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Рынок покинул немецкий авиаперевозчик Germania. Речь идет о частной европейской авиакомпании, отмечает информационный портал aviav.ru. Полеты авиаоператор прекратил в начале февраля. Кстати, в числе европейский авиакомпаний-банкротов также и авиаперевозчик BMI Regional из Великобритании. Президент оператора Germania К. Балк заявил журналистам, что его авиакомпания столкнулась с серьезными финансовыми проблемами, не смогла обеспечить краткосрочную ликвидность. Руководство авиакомпании […]

easyJet to Take Over Planes from Bankrupt airberlin

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The final flight of bankrupt german airline airberlin landed in the German capital on Friday evening, as the fate of thousands of employees of the stricken carrier remains unclear. airberlin, which employs some 8,000 people, triggered bankruptcy proceedings in August after its biggest shareholder Etihad Airways pulled the plug on a cash lifeline following years […]

airberlin Forced To Cancel More Than 100 Flights

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airberlin was forced to cancel more than 100 of today’s planned 750 flights because about 200 of airberlin’s 1,500 pilots have called in sick. airberlin is deeply disappointed by the number of sick days taken at such short notice during the crew briefing immediately before the flight or on the way to the aircraft. airberlin […]

airberlin Ends Caribbean Flight Schedule

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airberlin is ending its Caribbean flight schedule from Dusseldorf on 25 September 2017. This brings to an end flights to Curacao (Netherlands Antilles), Cancun (Mexico), Havana and Varadero (Cuba) as well as Punta Cana and Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) from this date. A few days ago, airberlin announced cancellations of a number of individual long-haul […]

airberlin Welcomes EU Commission Approval Of Financial Assistance

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airberlin has welcomed the decision by the EU Commission to give the green light to the KfW’s transitional credit of 150 million euros. airberlin CEO Thomas Winkelmann said: “The government’s timely support has made a decisive contribution towards airberlin being able to continue flight operations despite having begun insolvency proceedings. Thanks to the proactive assistance from […]

airberlin files for insolvency

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airberlin has today filed to commence insolvency proceedings under self-administration at the local District Court (Amtsgericht) of Berlin-Charlottenburg, in order to continue with the restructuring process that is already underway. The Federal German Government, Lufthansa and other partners are supporting airberlin in its restructuring efforts. The Federal Government is supporting airberlin with a bridging loan […]

airberlin Introduces Flights to Canada

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airberlin is continuing to grow and is set to expand its flight offers considerably in the summer of 2018. The German airline is planning the most extensive schedule in its history with around 100 long-haul flights per week. Passengers from Dusseldorf can look forward to two new destinations in the route network: from 1 May […]

Old Business Model and High Restructuring Costs Drive airberlin to Record Loss

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The business year 2016 and the first quarter 2017 at airberlin were dominated by the transition to a new business model at the airline. Structural issues of the old business model and high restructuring costs have impacted the reporting periods. airberlin CEO Thomas Winkelmann said: “Old airberlin’s indistinct market position, the strongly season-dependent route network […]

airberlin responds to ground handling problems in Berlin

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The continued ground handling problems at Berlin-Tegel Airport have prompted airberlin to make changes to the planned expansion of the USA connections from May 2017. The start date for the Berlin-Tegel – San Francisco routes will be postponed from 1 May to 29 May 2017. The new nonstop route from Berlin to Los Angeles will […]